Nusa Lembongan

woman behind @soultyboho

My Story

I have been traveling the world for more than a decade. I lived in Australia, Germany, Hungary, England, in a van in Portugal, Switzerland I call my home base. I have tried surfing in Australia for the first time, which forever changed my lifestyle. The ocean is my biggest inspiration and therapy. You will probably find me somewhere in the world chasing waves and sunshine.

Yoga was my other big life changer. I went to India in 2015 for my first yoga teacher training where my life changed 180. I became aware of how my choices have a direct impact on my health and the Planet. Mindfulness became my daily practice and I went plant-based. I’ve never been so happy and healthy since I changed my life for the better. I am an advocate for a mindful, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

I could never fit in the 9-5 thing and was never happy with corporate jobs. I’ve always wanted something more meaningful.
The last years I was traveling a lot between Switzerland and the waves and I have decided that I want to live full time by the ocean. I’m working right now to make my dreams come true. Teaching holistic health, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and creating online content is what keeps me busy these days. One day I would like to organize my own surf-yoga retreats and meet my community πŸ™‚
I created this blog to connect with many like-minded souls. I’d like to share my journey, travel stories, tips that may inspire you to follow your own heart.
Thank you for being here.

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Some random facts

I am plantbased
I have a cat, Cuki who comes with me to many of my travels
I love surfing and being on the ocean
Can`t get enough of Raw cakes and smoothie bowls
Dark chocolate and matcha latte are my weakness
If i would be an animal, i would be a dolphin

Where is the next?

Feel free to check out my latest blog posts or follow my adventures on Instagram. Let’s connect.