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When it comes to choosing a product (cosmetics, clothes etc) 3 things I value the most; sustainability, cruelty free, envirolmental friendly. I will always be transparent with the products I use and only recommend what worked for me and truly aligns with my values.


I support sustainable, eco friendly hotels, trips, guides who care about our environment. I will only recommend and promote some things within the travel industry which try their best for preserve, sustain and love our Planet.


I love content creating and use it as a tool for inspiring people for a healthy, active, mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle. I will always stay true to my core values when it comes to content creation and try my best to have a positive impact


I am plant-based and I am an advocate for cruelty-free, healthy food. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Mindful Eating Coach, it is very important to me to show a good example and live a healthy life.

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