A solo trip will shape your personality and life

Traveling solo as a woman can be for many a scary thing. It can remove all the protecting walls around you, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.
I was 18 when I started my first job as a flight attendant. I traveled to many countries, visited many places on my own. All those experience shaped my personality and my view how I see the world. I am not anymore working as a flight attendant but my wanderlust didn’t stop there. I am still traveling the world and sometimes I choose to go solo, even if I am in a relationship. Traveling solo as a woman made me connect with so many like-minded people, which I would have probably missed, if I traveled with someone else. Because if you travel with others, you will want to focus on them, you won’t be as open to new connection if you would go on your own.

Traveling solo will change your mindset

When you find yourself in a new country, surrounded by people who you don’t even know, maybe you don’t even speak their language, things can get challenging. If suddenly something goes wrong, the only person who you can rely on is yourself. Let’s say your credit card gets accidentally blocked, your renting car breaks down or maybe you pick up a weird local bacteria and you end up in the local hospital like it happened to me in India. You are by yourself when you are traveling solo and you learn to be okay with that. I have learned to shift my mindset from seeing problems to seeing solutions.

Traveling the World as a solo female can be the most liberating life changing experience.


Traveling solo as a woman made me end up in many situations where I felt totally vulnerable or even hopeless. It would have been very comforting to teleport home or to have someone next to me, comfort me, and help me through the challenges. That doesn’t mean though, that I have ever regretted any of my trips.
Here is the sour and sweet thing. Every time when I overcame a challenge or over one of my limitations, I walked away so much stronger, so much more confident. Every time when I have traveled solo somewhere, I came back home with so many add ons. Add ons to my personality, to my strength, to my horizon. I have always learned something new about myself and I’ve tried something new when I went for a solo trip.

Traveling solo as a woman and how it can change your mindset.
Traveling in Sri Lanka
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Traveling solo will keep you resilient

Anything can come in your way, the good and the not so good. Challenges, opportunities, life lessons. Solo travel forms you to be a very open-minded woman, who is ready to bring the most out of each situation. It also makes you appreciate much more what you have and see the best in everyone. If you travel solo, you instinctively more open to others, simply because of the „want to belong to somewhere“ and be surrounded by other people. We are a social species so this is totally natural. Many of my beliefs changed when connecting with people from other cultures, listening to their stories. I am also much more ready for any sudden changes and doesn’t really stress me out if something doesn’t go the way I planned it.

Don’t let fear stop you

If you are not sure to travel solo as a woman, listen to your intuition. If you feel the excitement in your guts, this is your call.
You will learn so much about yourself as you will be “forced” to spend time with yourself. If you can’t enjoy your own company, how could you expect that someone else will do it?

You don’t have to be single to allow yourself for a solo trip. We all make priorities and putting yourself first, is not egoistic. Spending time with yourself can benefit not only your life but all others who are part of it.
If you create space for yourself to grow, you will welcome diversity, change, and more meaningful things.
I am also in a serious relationship and we have traveled a lot in the last 5 years. But I also recognized, how much I need to spend time with myself. So this year in February, I went to a country, I have never been to before. I spent seven weeks in Costa Rica and soon I am going on my next solo trip. If you have a true connection and trust with your partner, then you don’t have to be afraid to go without him. Do not let fear stop you from listening to your heart and spending time with yourself.
If your soul has a calling to experience, learn, grow and travel on your own, then listen to it.

You don’t have to be single to allow yourself for a solo trip


Every woman would benefit from a solo travel experience

I think every woman would benefit to go every now and then for a solo trip to get to know themselves more, to connect with like-minded people, and to grow by overcoming limitations.
If you have the chance to go travel alone at least once per year, do it. Doesn’t have to be weeks, even a few days spending with yourself can be so beneficial.

Believe me, you will come back with a different view, a different mindset. Your confidence will grow, you will be so much connected to yourself. Everyone else (your loved ones) can benefit from that fresh energy, you bring back as well. You will have more tolerance, empathy, and understanding for others. I have never regret any of my trips and I collected so many stories to tell to my future kids and grandkids.

Traveling solo as a woman? Oh, yes a big 100% yes.

Let me know in the comments, have you ever traveled solo or are you planning to?

I am going soon on my next solo adventure, so keep an eye on my blog.